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Carpet Cleaning Pinecrest FL

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Pinecrest is a premium carpet cleaning service. Our services can include deep cleaning which uses a pre-treatment solution and steam. You can also have a basic cleaning service that involves steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Premium Carpet Cleaning Services

You can get a premium carpet cleaning based on the needs of your carpet. All premium carpet cleaning services include an inspection before and after the cleaning to ensure that your carpet is properly cleaned. This service will remove the debris, dirt and bacteria that are deep in your carpet. These act as allergens that can be harmful to the health of your family and pets. In addition, debris and dirt actually break down the fibers in your carpet which shortens the lifespan of your carpeting.

Deep Cleaning, Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning usually involves a pre-treatment solution to loosen set-in stains and high traffic areas. Steam cleaning injects hot water deep into the carpet to loosen the dirt and debris that is stuck in the carpet fibers. The steam is heated to a very high temperature so that bacteria and microbes are also destroyed. The cleaning equipment then extracts the water from the carpet and removes the dirt, debris and bacteria. On the other hand, dry cleaning can also be used to remove bacteria and dirt from carpets. Dry cleaning may be used instead of steam cleaning on some types of carpets. Dry cleaning uses a unique dry foam that help remove dirt and bacteria from carpet fibers.

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Many times, we at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Pinecrest offer special discounts and offers on carpets cleaning. These specials may include discounts that are based on the amount of square feet that need to be cleaned or these specials may include a free cleaning for another room. In addition, Pinecrest carpet cleaners offers several other services that may also be eligible for discounts. These services include grout and tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, air duct cleaning, leather cleaning and water or fire damage restoration. You can call a carpet cleaner now and ask if there are any available discounts at 305-677-3198

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